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Quickpack Polska Sp. z o.o.
28-300 Jędrzejów
ul. Przemysłowa 47
tel. (41) 386 59 00
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has modernized its foil waste recycling line. Our recycling line is the most modern technological solution, which gives us high-quality regranulate that makes a standard-value material for LDPE foil production. All our activities are pro-ecological.

Our technology for regranulate production is based on the processes of:

  • grinding
  • cleaning
  • drying
  • regranulation

This regranulate allows for the production of LDPE foil with very high technical parameters. Our throughput power enables us to process any amounts of waste. We organize the whole logistics process associated with the collection of the waste foil. The end-product of QUICKPACK POLAND are high-quality LDPE bags with volumes of 35l, 60l, 120l, 160l, 240l.

We invite you for cooperation.

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