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Quickpack Polska Sp. z o.o.
28-300 Jędrzejów
ul. Przemysłowa 47
tel. (41) 386 59 00
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We are the owner of Quickpack dla domu, Quickpack for home, Q-Line, a..QQ, De-Luxe, QDOMA. Our products are of highest quality.

The production process exploits modern production technologies. Only top-quality materials are allowed for the production process, and undergo a very restrictive selection. Thanks to this, all our products meet the newest pro-ecologic standards. You can safely say they are environment-friendly. The quality of the final product is our main priority.

Produkty "Quickpack" polecamy klientom poszukującym asortyment wysokiej jakości.

Quickpack dla domu

"Quickpack dla domu" products are the best choice for those who seek high quality.


"Q-Line" series products are characterized by a very good quality-price ratio. The "Q-Line" brand is aimed at the so-called bottom-price shelf.


"a..QQ" series products are characterized by a sophisticated style and description of the packaging; it is a one-of-a-kind assortment and in most cases has no competition on the market. The "a..QQ" brand is aimed at the so-called middle-price shelf. This series also includes a wide variety of pro-ecologic paper products.


"De-Luxe" series products are garbage bags of the highest quality. This assortment is aimed at clients requiring a top-notch product brand. It is one of the most recognizable brands within this group of products; what is characteristic of these products is their very attractive price.


"Quickpack" series products are the optimum between quality and price. This group holds biodegradable products, packed in cardboard. These products are aimed at the so-called top-price shelf.


"QDOMA" series products are aimed at the Czech and Slovak markets. The products are of high quality; they are aimed at the middle-price shelf and include Czech and Slovak product descriptions.

Own Brands

Quickpack Poland manufactures own-brand products for numerous commercial networks in Poland and abroad. This shows the trust they put in our company. An own brand shapes and strengthens a company's image among its clients. The client gets accustomed to the brand and identifies it with the appropriate level of quality. The best companies are the first to read the client's mind and adjust their brands to their requirements.

Own brands manufactured by Quickpack Poland are aimed at clients who seek high quality assortment at a low price; however, a lot of own brands we make have very high technical parameters, which puts them in top-quality category. Aluminum foils 10-11 microns thick are one such example.

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